We are authentic and local. We make real connections and care for our policy holders.

A little about us.

Oakwood Mutual Insurance Company was incorporated in 2019, a result of a merger between German Mutual Insurance Company of Indiana and Mutual Insurance Association of Southern Indiana. With each company originally founded in 1868 and 1899 respectively, Oakwood Mutual has over 250 years of combined experience helping policyholders protect their families and property.

We’ve always been focused on making real connections and caring for our policyholders. Our agents aren’t disconnected out-of-towners selling over the phone; they live local, get to know you and your unique needs, and connect you with the products you need to feel secure.

We treat you fairly and create a foundation of trust in everything we do. We’re founded on a centuries-long tradition of respect and human connection, and we want to create that same connection now, and into your future.

Our board of
directors and

Chairman | Jeffery L. Kiess
Vice Chairman | Michael A. Wassmer
Secretary | Perry D. Ireland
Treasurer |Gregory F. Selking
Vice President | Jason M. Mueller

Director | Cindy L. Hoffman
Director | Larry R. Johnson
Director | Deryll L. Liechty
Director | John A. Schueler
Director | Monica S. Stoppenhagen
Director | Craig A. Volz
Director | Eric Koester
Director | Jason Small